We had fun with everyone who came out to enjoy the

Best Trick (10 & Under) – Bryce Green

Best Trick (13 & Up) – Nick Spangler

10 & Under Division 

  1. Bryce Green
  2. Erik Harper
  3. Trevor Haselman  3. Maddox Haselman

12 & Under Division

  1. Aiden Hitz
  2. Jerru Gromer
  3. Cara Weaver
13 – 17 Division
  1. Carlos Aviles
  2. Dylan Treadwell
  3. Nick Spangler
17 & Up Division
  1. Chase Smith
  2. Connor Smith
  3. Jordan “JB” Curtis Bandy

Congratulations Winners!

Tally Am Jam 2011 Snapshot #1

The Am Jam was a huge success! We saw a loooot of people come through to show support, get some free food and drinks and enjoy some skating!

So in memory of it, we’ll be posting a few videos and pictures that we gathered from the event so in case you missed it you can enjoy em too.

This first video is of Justin Hearn and Nathan Oxenrider who placed 1st and 2nd in the 13-14-15 Year Old Jam yesterday.

Keep it up Justin & Nathan!